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Monotonix / Pujol / Federation X at Kings - 2/3/2011

with Pujol and Federation X

Monotonix, while obviously not from around here, are somewhat local legends it seems. They seem to play here on every tour and always get a huge turnout, yet I had managed to never see them. When I found out they were going to call it quits after this tour, I figured it was time to get off the pot and to one of their shows.

But first, Federation X. Honestly, I was at the show for them as much if not more than Monotonix. I'd had friends rave about them for years, picked up their 2005 release "Rally Day", and then became best friends with it. They're a tough band to describe, assuming you wanted to expand past "awesome". They're not an instrumental band, but the non-vocal portions of their songs are way longer than the vocal portions. They're fairly heavy but they're not metal, and they like the occasional unique time signature but it's not prog or math rock. Probably the best comparison…