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Yo La Tengo at the Cat's Cradle - 1/23/2011

Yo La Tengo
Cat's Cradle

What are the odds you'd find yourself standing next to an overweight middle-aged man with poor hygiene at a Yo La Tengo concert? I know I know, it's hard to imagine, but there he was right next to me - stinking up the immediate area with a smell best described as "three day programming binge". As per usual the show was very schlongtacular as a whole, cause for some reason YLT attracts as many dude nerds as Rush, even though it isn't masculine music at all.

This whole tour the band was playing two sets, with the first set decided from a random audience member spinning their "wheel of fortune", which featured a number of different themed sets the band might play. Some of the options included "Sounds of Science", "Condo Fucks", "Dump", "S Songs", and a few others. I was hoping for "Condo Fucks" but we got "S Songs", which was totally fine cause it meant they…

Archers of Loaf / Love Language / Cellar Seas at the Cat's Cradle - 1/15/2011

Archers of Loaf
with Love Language and Cellar Seas
The Cat's Cradle

It happened, it really fucking happened...Archers of Loaf reunited, and I was there. My good man Brian, who is sometimes in the know, contacted me in mid-December saying that there was a strong rumor that the Archers would be part of the Love Language bill coming up at the Cradle, so he got tickets and made plans to come up to the Triangle for a bit of rocking out and dicking around. The gig was never confirmed though, leaving me plenty anxious. At some point a week or so before the show a "and special guests" line was added to the Cat's Cradle website on the date, but unless you knew someone who knew someone, you probably didn't know they were playing. Sometimes it's good to know people who know people who hear rumors of things happening.

When I got there my man Roy's band Cellar Seas was playing. Great gig for them, though a rough was about 50-50 surly old dudes lik…

The Reigning Sound at the Local 506 - 1/16/2011

The Reigning Sound
Local 506

Sort of a last minute show, and I'm so incredibly glad it happened because it had been ages since I last saw the Reigning Sound. They were original scheduled to play some outrageously expensive garage rock weekend at the Pour House in Raleigh, with tickets over a hundred bucks if I remember correctly...and as much as I love Greg Cartwright and company, fuck that pricey nonsense. But then those shows fell through (I'm going to guess because of lack of ticket sales maybe, but I have no idea), and this gig was scheduled for the 506 with a couple of weeks to spare. This time, a ticket was purchased at max speed, and I was counting the days.

This was my first time seeing the band in years - kinda odd I saw them more often when I lived in California than I have since moving to Greg Cartwright's adopted home state. They've played up in Asheville a few times, but this might be the first time they've made their way down to the Triangle…

Obits / Whatever Brains at Kings - 1/12/2011

with Whatever Brains

My first show of the new year, and it was a keeper. It would have been a super-duper keeper if the opening band Gentleman Jesse & His Men hadn't been snowed and iced in back in their hometown of Atlanta, but Obits is entree enough for any rock meal. I got there right at the end of Whatever Brains opening set, and it sounded good as always - I always hear the Fall in them, but this time I picked up on a tinge of "TV Party" era Black Flag party punk in there too. One thing of note though - I like them live and I like the recordings I've heard, but the two seem to never sound alike to me. Maybe my ears are broken, but it's like two different bands. I probably prefer the live version best, if pushed to pick.

Kings was probably half to three-quarters full by the time Obits took the stage. How this show isn't sold out but Girl Talk sells out Disco Rodeo, I'll never understand. Insert grumpy old man rant about …