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Light Pines at Tir Na Nog - 12/2/2010

Light Pines
Tir Na Nog

I've beat around the bush but my final thought on the matter - Light Pines really remind me of Doves. This show crystallized this thought into my brain, and I don't see it shaking any time soon. I consider this a good thing, for the record - those first two Doves records are quite good and listenable even to this day, and I saw them live a few times - always a great show.

It was kind of a crappy night out but there was still a big crowd at Tir Na Nog for this free gig - was it because of Light Pines, or was it because local pants kings Raleigh Denim were giving away a couple pairs of their really nice (and pricey) pants? It was probably both, cause last I checked everyone loves both awesome music and free pants, or at least everyone with any goddamn sense. And let it be stated that I did not win any pants, but I'm not going to hold that against Raleigh Denim, I hold it against all those other people that showed up for the show. Plus they …