Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bandway at Kings - 8/28/2010


All hail the return of Kings, the greatest music venue that Raleigh has ever known! All hail the return of Bandway, the greatest party rock band to exist on this Earth! Obviously it was no coincidence that both the re-opening of one of the greatest rock clubs Raleigh has ever known and the return of musical saviors Bandway would happen at the same time, as it foretold from the heavens that one cannot happen without the other. And thus, a miracle was granted to us lowly local denizens.

I love Bandway so much I've considered getting a tattoo of the band's logo, only I'm afraid I'm not worthy of such an honor. Instead, almost every email address I've ever created was an homage to the band, which is kinda like an internet nerd tattoo when you think about it...it's always there for everyone to see. Paul (one of the dude's behind Kings) told me quite a while back that he was working on having Bandway play their opening weekend, and I spread the word far and wide to my old college friends and fellow Bandway aficionados that a new day was soon upon us. Oh how they talked a big game about coming to the show from all ends of the state, but of course when push came to shove the collective lot of them pussed out. Sure they'll claim to have been sick or had a sick child at home, but we all know if this was really important you'd wrap that kid in a nyquil soaked blanket, lock him in his room, and get your ass to the "rockening".

So it was just the wife and I, she needing to witness the band I'd been prattling on about for the entire decade she has known me. Kings was packed, sold out in fact - and the entire crowd was eating it up. While there were a lot of old folks there like myself, I was surprised at how many kids were there, kids who surely weren't going to Bandway shows their first time around. But whatever, a love of the rock knows no age limit. I think it had been seven or eight years since they had last performed, but you'd never know it - they were just as drunken, sloppy and awesome as ever. They played pretty much every song you'd want to hear - "Four Day Weekend", "Balls Out", "Millennium", "King Kong", "I'm a Winner", "Turn to the Bong"...goddamn, they have a lot of awesome songs. Would have been nice to hear "Fayettenam/Futuristic Fuckup" and, well, honestly every single one of their songs, but it was a nice set. On top of that, they played some new songs which bodes well for future performances/recordings; I didn't catch the song names but one was about recycling and it was fantastic.

I'm going to go ahead and pick this as rock show of the year, because it's just not fair to any of the other bands to try and live up to the brilliance of Bandway. Everyone else is trying for second best.

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