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Future Islands / Lonnie Walker at Kings - 11/19/2010

Future Islands
with Lonnie Walker

It had probably been a few months since I'd last seen Lonnie Walker. And going a few months without seeing them is a real feat. A nice problem to have, an awesome local band that plays a lot locally. But I guess they had recently partaken in a tour of some sort (supporting the night's headliners, Future Islands, or at least I think that's the case), and good lord were they tight and together and really kicking ass on stage. I constantly fluctuate on what/who these guys remind me of, but I seem to come back to Modest Mouse more than anyone. But the thing is, I only think this when I'm watching them...when I sit around and write a review, the idea of comparing them to Modest Mouse doesn't really make much sense. Certainly Brian Corum doesn't sound anything vocally like Isaac Brock, but something in their style of singing their delivery...I dunno, it's just a comparison I can't shake.

I'd gone on an…