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Gentleman Jesse & His Men / The Barreracudas / Last Year's Men at Kings - 10/27/2010

Gentleman Jesse & His Men
with The Barreracudas & Last Year's Men

Sometimes I just don't know what the fuck is wrong with people...someone awesome like Gentleman Jesse comes to town for the first time (not the first time in the Triangle, just the first time in Raleigh), and hardly anyone shows up to see it. Not that that deterred him or any of the other bands from putting on fantastic shows.

I got there just as Last Year's Men started their set. Folks (or at least Grayson from the Independent) have been opining how fantastic their new record is, so I was glad to finally check them out. Sadly, we don't really have any sort of power pop scene locally (which might partially explain the turnout), but these Chapel Hillians did their best to fit in. They play a more prototypical "jangle pop" style as has been popular in the area for as long as I can remember, and combine it with the pop-punk catchiness of Superchunk and smidge of the Replac…

Built to Spill at The Cat's Cradle - 10/10/2010

Built to Spill
The Cat's Cradle

At this point in my life, a Built to Spill show is like your favorite well worn t-shirt - it might not be new or shiny, but it feels so good, so comfortable, so enjoyable. I've seen them perform live dozens of times, and while some outings are better than others, not a single one of those times have been anything less than really damn good.

The set list was pretty typical of BtS, spanning their catalog nicely but never hanging out to long on any one album...though if they wanted to play "Perfect from Now On" in it's entirety it would hurt my feelings - as it was, they only played "Untrustable" from that release. They really hit "There's Nothing Wrong with Love" pretty heavy though - "In the Morning", "Twin Falls", "Car", heck probably half of that record made the list. Of course it's not a Built to Spill show without some cover songs, and this time it was the Grat…

Gayngs at the Cat's Cradle - 10/6/2010

The Cat's Cradle

It seemed like a nice night for a little dance music, so it was off to see the hipster superstar band, Gayngs. They weren't originally scheduled to play Chapel Hill, but they moved their Virginia show down here to give the locals a little taste of their semi-homegrown talent. Sure, the band is technically from Wisconsin or Minnesota or one of those Midwestern cheese-making states, but a bunch of our local kids also participate in this orgy of musical mayhem - including Ivan from the Rosebuds, the bulk of Megafaun, and a chunk of Bon Iver (who once took up residence here). So really, it only made sense that they would make a show happen here. Who gives a holy hell about Virginia anyways...well, except lovers obviously. Virginia is for lovers, after all.

Pointless gibberish aside, it was a great show. There were a bazillion people on stage with a few folks coming and going, but never less than ten members and a high of twelve or so. They see…

Moogfest 2010 at the Asheville Civic Center & Thomas Wolfe Auditorium - 10/29/2010

Moogfest 2010
With Big Boi, MGMT, Van Dyke Parks, Panda Bear and Girl Talk
Asheville Civic Center & Thomas Wolfe Auditorium

So months ago my friend Brian and I jumped on tickets to the opening night of Moogfest because one of very favorite bands, Devo, were slotted to play the festival. Getting these tickets was no small feat in my book - I don't go to big shows or festivals because they're too expensive and I generally don't enjoy them. But this was Devo, and all rules go out the window when it comes to them. Fast-forward to the week before the concert, and Devo gets in a wreck causing the band to miss the gig. We were devastated. But as we were already in the hole 75 bucks, might as well go anyway and make the best of it...

Despite the loss of Devo, the festival offered a pretty good consolation prize - Big Boi. Originally I was bummed as he was scheduled to play on a different stage the same time as Devo, but obviously now that wasn't an issue. S…

Mount Moriah at Tir Na Nog - 10/21/2010

Mount Moriah
Tir Na Nog

There's something I've always found very impressive when a band has a rotating cast of members, especially when all those members are in a bunch of other bands. I'm not entirely sure how they can remember all those songs, but then again I maxed out my memory years ago by memorizing all of the GI Joe character names and members of hair metal bands. Mount Moriah is very much one of those bands, with Heather, the beautiful driving voice behind the act, seemingly the only mainstay. This version of the band featured both of the Cook brothers, best known as two-thirds of Megafaun. I'm pretty sure at least Brad Cook has played with the band before ( I feel like I saw a photo of this somewhere), but this was my first time with either of them performing in the band. Not that it changed anything - they were just as fantastic as they always are, playing one incredibly catchy song after another, songs that would be hits if there was any justice…

Todd Barry at Kings - 10/28/2010

Todd Barry

I've never done a comedy review before - I'm shitty enough at music reviews, and I'm not sure what to say other than he was funny. So that's the review: the comedian Todd Barry was funny. Really, really funny. The old lady and I used to go see a lot of stand-up when we lived in California, but very few good comedians perform around here. I'd never seen Todd Barry, but he always gets named dropped as a favorite from comics I love (Patton Oswalt I know has mentioned him numerous times), so it was worth checking out. Mark it down as money and time well spent. About two-thirds of his material was typical prepared stand-up fare, and the rest of the time he spent riffing on the leftover band set list from the night before and making jokes about the fact that RDU has a direct flight to London. That might not sound good on paper, but it worked.

And let it be known that seeing comedy in a rock club is superior to comedy clubs it can't eve…