Friday, September 10, 2010

Of Montreal at the Cat's Cradle - 6/2/2010

Of Montreal
The Cat's Cradle

So after some Camera Obscura and burrito eating, we waddled over to the Cradle to take in the dance pop band known as Of Montreal. I saw these guys a ton of times back in the late nineties and early aughts, pre-Outback jingle explosion, but haven't followed them a ton over their last couple of records. But Brian wanted to go, he got us some tickets, and there we were.

I often joke about being the old man at shows, but never has that been more obvious than at this gig. So many young kids, all dressed up in ridiculous clothes like it was some catalog shoot for Urban Outfitters and American Apparel at the same time. Some folks were even in costumes - of note I saw a lot of people dressed as "indians" (a look the band employs on occasion), marching band members, and even one dude dressed as The Riddler (there was no Batman to be found).

The show was good, but like night and day from their older gigs. They used to be a quirky pop band, lots of short songs, and the closest they came to a stage show was a psychedelic-style light projector. But now it's all dance pop with multiple projectors and a team of community theater actors and actresses doing god-knows-what all over the stage. I don't think they played a single song from before their "Sunlandic Twins" record, which was pretty much where I stopped listening to them. But no matter - the band performed their "new" disco songs quite well, the strange actors carried on onstage in a confusing but entertaining manner, and the kids all danced around like it was a 1995 rave minus the glow sticks (actually there might have been a couple of glow sticks). It was all very entertaining, though I felt a bit like an observer than one caught up in the moment.

(Photo ganked from somewhere online. There were no horses in the Cradle.)

Camera Obscura at the Duke Gardens - 6/2/2010

Camera Obscura
Duke Gardens

My good man Brian got permission from the wife to come up to the Triangle and see a little live music. And when a man escaping two kids comes to town, you damn well make the most of it and pack as much fun as you can into that evening...aka go to two shows and eat burritos between them.

We met up with our broham Ivan inside of Duke Gardens just before the show started. It had looked a little stormy early, and seeing as how this gig is outside that is a concern, but it was merely an idle threat and the dark puffys floated away to torment someone else's outdoor plans.

It occurred to me that the last time I saw Camera Obscura play was with this same duo of dudes, which is odd as I tend to go to shows solo. That bit of trivia has little standing with the review of the band, but is merely a piece of information for those scoring at home.

The band was great, but no big surprise there. They breezed through a nice set of their mellow cute pop much to the delight of all the young hipsters and not-quite-as-young families with their dancing children...and let's not forget my group, the grizzled old creepy dudes that everyone makes fun of at shows. They managed to squeeze in nearly every song I wanted to hear - "French Navy", "My Maudlin Career", "If Looks Could Kill", "Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken" and "Razzle Dazzle Rose". I've never seen a bad Camera Obscura show, but the outdoor setting, the sun low in the was simply magnificent.

And then Brian and I headed to Chubby's to stuff ourselves silly with burritos in preparation of the dance party that would be happening at Of Montreal soon thereafter...