Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Rosebuds at the Beaufort Music Festival - 5/8/2010

The Rosebuds
Beaufort Music Festival

So yeah, it wasn't long until I got to see The Rosebuds again...two days in fact. The old lady and I decided it might be fun to take a little road trip, see part of the coast we'd never been to before - Beaufort. I used to live in Wilmington and I've been to the Outer Banks a couple of times, but this middle portion of the state's seaside has always escaped me. We spent some time driving the back roads, hitting the depressing towns of Goldsboro and Kinston en route and grabbing lunch in the town known as the birthplace of Pepsi, New Bern. New Bern was mostly not depressing, for the record.

We got into Beaufort early and the festival was already going on, some reggae cover band playing...yup, Bob Marley! Least they could do is throw some Desmond Dekker or Skatalites in their mix. We wandered around town looking at all the old houses, and there are a shit ton of old houses. We're talking we-weren't-even-a-country-yet old. After a tasty dinner, we strolled back to the festival site just a few minutes before the Rosebuds were to take the stage.

Their set list was pretty typical of most of their shows, but the setting was obviously quite different from any other gig. Million dollar yachts and smaller sail boats surrounded the outdoor stage, and wide selection of humanity from small kids to the elder set, working class stiffs to the idle rich (hence the million dollar yachts). And let's not leave out the salty sea men, leathery and wobbly legged, most likely from a combination of cheap liquor and not being accustom to dry land.

The band did their best to connect with a crowd mostly not familiar with their sound, and for the most part they succeeded. There was a crowd of surly pre-teens standing near us that started out cracking wise and by the end of the show they were on stage dancing during "Bow to the Middle" and asking Kelly Rosebud for her autograph after the show ended. It was a great night that could only have been better if the band had dressed in "yacht rock" costumes.

(see more photos of the Rosebuds and this trip to Beaufort here)

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