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The Mountain Goats / Mount Moriah at the Pinhook - 7/31/2010

The Mountain Goats
with Mount Moriah
The Pinhook

So after the metal business I rolled over to the Pinhook in Durham to see some lighter fare. It was the release party for Mount Moriah's 12" EP, and they had the good fortune to get local folk superstar John Darnielle aka The Mountain Goats to headline the show for them.

But I'm getting ahead of myself, as when I got there Mount Moriah were just taking the stage. I've made no bones about my love of this band and especially Heather's voice, and as always they did not disappoint. And while they seem to be quite well received everywhere I've seen them in the Triangle, Durham is very much their home crowd and the combination of fans and friends were as loud and vigorous as college lovemaking. And I'm not talking about the sex where you're having to keep quiet cause your roommate is pretending to be asleep in the top bunk either. Anyways, they played pretty much the same songs they always do, songs …

U.S. Christmas / Black Tusk at the Pour House - 7/31/2010

U.S. Christmas
with Black Tusk
The Pour House

It was a double trouble kind of night, with the first gig being the opening acts of the Corrosion of Conformity show at the Pour House. The first act was my man Nate's group U.S. Christmas, a band I'm in no way impartial about due to friendship, and I really don't give a shit. Look, if you like heavy music that isn't necessarily fast music, if you like bands the reference Sam Peckinpah films and Cormac McCarthy novels, if you like the craziest of Neil Young's Crazy Horse moments and especially his soundtrack to the movie "Dead Man"...well, this is the band for you. They played a good set featuring a lot of tracks from their newest album "Run Thick in the Night", a release that will most likely make my top ten of 2010. The sound was fantastic, as it usually is at the Pour House...sadly not enough bands that I want to see take advantage of that. I think this might have been USX's first g…

Motor Skills / Lonnie Walker at Tir Na Nog - 7/3/2010

Motor Skills
with Lonnie Walker
Tir Na Nog

Made it out to the rare show at Tir Na Nog where I actually had to pay to get in, but that was OK since the bands were good. And despite my cheapness, sometimes that's just fine.

Of particular note was the show opener Motor Skills - I'd seen these guys before as a two piece with electronic pop act with a portion of their set dedicated to comedy rap songs. But now they're basically a whole new band, expanded to four members, with an impressively strong set of songs. The best (and most boring) comparison I would make would be to the Notwist, only less German. There were no funny hip hop songs this time either, though it's unclear if they are completely removed from their set or just weren't there on this night. I liked the previous version of this group - I love the current edition.

Lonnie Walker also played and I'm feeling too lazy to review them for 684th time, but worth mentioning is this was the first show b…

9th Annual Lebowski Fest at the Executive Spare & Strike - 7/16/10 to 7/17/10

9th Annual Lebowski Fest
Featuring The Felice Brothers and The Seedy Seeds
Executive Spare & Strike Lawn
7/16/10 to 7/17/10

So me and a couple of my goofball friends loaded into the car and drove to Louisville for the 9th annual Lebowski Fest, celebrating all things "The Big Lebowski". It was bands, games, movie viewings, bowling, and what-have-you.For a slightly more detailed, photo-heavy review of this trip, just look at this here entry from the "Photo Journal" section of this magnificent website.

On the first night, after my partners-in-crime had preloaded for the event with so many White Russians that they each ingested a half-gallon of half and half (would that mean they each had a "quarter and quarter"?), we strolled over to the event and watched a little live music. I forget who the first band was because I was too busy looking at the merch table and marveling over the fact that there were actually good looking girls at the event, but they were s…