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Wilco at the DPAC - 3/27/2010

Durham Performing Arts Center

Every once in a while you gotta get your giant concert on, and for me most of the time this ends up being a Wilcoshow. Despite my constant whining about their output since "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot", I still continue to go to their shows and enjoy myself while complaining to anyone who will listen about how they play too many new songs and Nels Cline needs to knock off all the ridiculous solos.

So the show report is this: they played too many new songs and Nels Cline played too many pointless solos. And I still enjoyed myself. They actually played for damn close to three hours, and with that much time to fill they were bound to play some older material as well. A number of songs from their perfect record "Summerteeth" made the list, including "She's a Jar", "A Shot in the Arm", "Via Chicago", "When You Wake Up Feeling Old" and the title track "Summerteeth"; at least h…