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Superchunk at the Cat's Cradle - 4/15/2009

The Cat's Cradle

Like any other Superchunk show, I was standing there doing my ridiculous version of dancing, singing along quietly and gawking at Laura Balance, when it occurred to me that I have had a crush on her for around 18 years now. 18 years!!! That means I've spent more of my life fawning over her than I haven't. I'm getting old. Laura Balance is getting old. And Superchunk, yeah they are getting old too.

This Wednesday night gig was intended as a warm-up for their impending weekend outing to the enormous music festival Coachella. As per usual, the fans were very receptive and excitable getting to see the hometown heroes; though the Cradle was surprisingly not packed and sweaty as I'm used to for a Chunk show - it was crowded, but not uncomfortably so.

I was expecting some songs off of their new EP "Leaves in the Gutter", and there were a couple from that release (a really good EP, in case you were wondering...shows off the…