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Flute Flies / Magic Babies at the Local 506 - 12/12/2008

Flute Flies
with Magic Babies
Local 506

Nothing quite like a free show, just as god intended. If god were a cheapskate.

This gig was a celebration of the launching of CyTunes, a local music download website used to raise money for the fight against cancer, dedicated to the memory of local man-about-town and friend to all, Cy Rawls, who recently died from the disease. Many local bands have released exclusive and long out-of-print songs on the site, and I'd encourage everyone truck on over there and do a bit of shopping.

Besides the website unveiling, there were some live bands as well...first up was the Magic Babies, featuring a bunch of former members of The Weather. they played a very Sloan-like piano/keyboard driven 70's power pop, lots of hooks and harmonizing and pleasant vocal melodies. Their best songs sounded like they could have been off a long lost Records or 20/20 album, a high compliment in my book.

The main reason I drove over the the Hill from suburbia …