Jay Reatard at the Local 506 - 10/30/2008

Jay Reatard
Local 506

This review will be not unlike the show itself - short, sweet and to the point. I thought I was getting there early enough to see the openers Cola Freaks (I'd heard good things from the cool kids), but as I get to the front of the club Jay Reatard and his boys are already setting up...thumbs down to missing the first group, but a big thumbs up to what was clearly going to be an early show.

Any Jay Reatard show is going to be hit or miss, depending on his mood... apparently on this fine evening his mood was all business. This is mostly great, as I'm a big fan of the songs, but there is still that little piece of you that is kinda hoping for a drunken mess and/or a royal freak out and/or abusive audience members to piss him off and create havoc. But there was none of that, just the man himself playing mostly a bunch of tracks from his new singles compilation that was recently released, with a couple of old tracks peppered in here and there ("It's So Easy" from Blood Visions is the only one that immediately comes to my addled mind though). The whole affair couldn't have been more than 25 or 30 minutes long, if that, which doesn't add up to much value time-wise but when you break it down to a per-song basis, you're sitting pretty on your investment...if this were the stock market, which it isn't, and now I've confused myself yet again. There may be a pork barrels joke in here somewhere but I'm blanking right now. Anyways, as the kids say, it was a "good show."