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Danielson / Cryptacize at the Grey Eagle - 11/23/2008

with Cryptacize
The Grey Eagle

I love Danielson so much, that when I realized they wouldn't be playing in the Triangle I drove four hours up to Asheville to make sure I didn't miss seeing the man live. And it was worth it, ten fold. Well, maybe not ten fold...I'm not sure I would have driven forty hours for the gig, but you get my drift. And stop taking me so literally.

Cryptacize, who are keyed into the Danielson/Sufjan family via their label Asthmatic Kitty, opened the show. I was vaguely aware that they were a Bay Area band even though I'd never seen nor heard them before, but it wasn't until seeing them live that I realized that Chris from Deerhoof and singer/songwriter Nedelle made up two thirds of the group. They were cute, sweet, and poppy, with just enough edge that they fit in perfectly as an opener for Danielson. I don't think comparing them to Deerhoof would be that far off base, though much mellower and lo-fi. I could also com…

The Rosebuds / Kimya Dawson at the Carolina Theatre - 11/7/2008

The Rosebuds
with Kimya Dawson
The Carolina Theatre

Sit-down rock shows are always a little you stand up? But then what about all the folks who remain seated and now can't see the stage? Do you sit nicely and applaud the effort of the band? Doesn't make for the best live rock atmosphere, does it? I don't have any answers, but all of these things pop in my head any time I see someone in an old theater like the Carolina Theater. The joint has ushers in monkey suits for chrissakes...

When we got there Kimya Dawson was midway through her set. Most of my knowledge on Dawson stems from the "Juno" soundtrack, filled with cutesy folk songs by her. And that was pretty much what her live set was as well...just one woman, her guitar, and a lot of goofy/cute songs that were pretty entertaining in a live setting but I'm not sure how well it would hold up on multiple listens. She was a very engaging performer though, especially the between song ba…

Superchunk / Ivan Howard / Billy Bragg / Megafaun / Bowerbirds on the UNC Campus - 11/1/2008

with Ivan Howard, Billy Bragg, Megafaun and Bowerbirds
UNC Campus

A daytime show!
A free daytime show!
A free daytime show featuring one of my favorite bands of all time, Superchunk, and a bunch of other great acts!

Yes, you could say I was fairly excited...this was an event that met all of my parameters for what makes quality entertainment, short of providing me a free chocolate milkshake (let's get on this's not like Ben and Jerry's don't sponsor crap all the time). This whole affair was put together to celebrate/draw attention to the final day of early voting for this historic election (spoiler alert: Obama won!).

When I got there, things were already in full swing, a wide variety of folks gathered on the plaza to hear a little music, maybe do a little voting, and enjoy the amazing weather. Bowerbirds were the first group I saw play, and I'm damn glad I got there early enough to make their performance. I'd only heard a few songs…

The King Khan & BBQ Show / The Jacuzzi Boys at The Grey Eagle - 11/25/2008

The King Khan & BBQ Show
with The Jacuzzi Boys
The Grey Eagle

I managed to go to two good shows in Asheville in the span of three days. I'm not sure this has ever happened in this town, ever, unless you consider good shows to involve a lot of noodly guitar or bad cover bands.

This was a double-bill of bands I wanted to see even...opening the events were the Jacuzzi Boys, a trio of kids from Florida who weren't playing shitty metal or hardcore (I was given the impression early in life that was the only sort of bands who came from Florida). They did the dirty garage-punk thing like the Black Lips have made popular recently, only I'm pretty non-plussed by the Black Lips but found the Jacuzzi Boys quite entertaining. They had a layer of pop to their sound that made their gruff rockers quite catchy, which is probably what held my ear so firmly and drove me to the merch table later to pick up a seven inch by them. And now the state of Florida is 1 for 4,376 in the …