King Khan & the Shrines at the Local 506 - 6/30/2008

King Khan & the Shrines
Local 506


I've been to a lot of shows, and I'm racking my brain but I think this might have been the first one that involved a cheerleader/dancer as one of the members.

It was a packed show, and I'm not referring to the crowd (though that was healthy in size) - counting King Khan and the pom-pom pal, there were ten band members piled onto the small Local 506 stage. Depending on where you were standing, there were some members you couldn't even see...for me, it was one of the horn blowers and the percussion dude in the back...really, god knows who else they had stuffed on that box.

I placed myself up at the very front so as to take my shitty photos, and soon thereafter most of the crowd crammed in around me. You'd think there was a contest being held on how uncomfortably close you can stand next to the people around you even though there was plenty of room to spread out; this game is sometimes called "drunk asshole", and there were a lot of contestants this night. Certainly more than I would have expected given the size of the crowd, proportionally speaking; and as per usual, it only takes a couple of these douchemongers to ruin the experience for everyone.

But enough bellyaching - I wasn't going to let a few bad apples ruin my good time, and luckily King Khan and his top notch Shrines but on suck a goddamn blistering performance that the asshole distractions were few and far between. This was a serious dance fest, the most danciest good time I've been to in ages. Nearly the entire crowd was moving and shaking and the King seemed to be feeding off of it. They played pretty much their entire newish "Greatest Hits" record, and probably a few others to boot...I was too busy shaking my tail feathers to care really.

Let's touch briefly on the Shrines - they were a regular United Colors of Benetton out there, hailing from France and Germany and possibly the US...and maybe Canada! Yes, that Canada! They were straight killing it from start to finish, so tight that you'd think you had been transported back 40 years to some manner of "Sock hop" or whatever it was the kids were into in those days.

It was a glorious time, so goddamn killer that all the coked-up asshole underage frat boy crowd dicks in the world couldn't have wiped the smile off my face after the show ended.

I actually took photos with my real camera...other than the pic up top, see the rest of the results over on the website.