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Jay Reatard at the Local 506 - 10/30/2008

Jay Reatard
Local 506

This review will be not unlike the show itself - short, sweet and to the point. I thought I was getting there early enough to see the openers Cola Freaks (I'd heard good things from the cool kids), but as I get to the front of the club Jay Reatard and his boys are already setting up...thumbs down to missing the first group, but a big thumbs up to what was clearly going to be an early show.

Any Jay Reatard show is going to be hit or miss, depending on his mood... apparently on this fine evening his mood was all business. This is mostly great, as I'm a big fan of the songs, but there is still that little piece of you that is kinda hoping for a drunken mess and/or a royal freak out and/or abusive audience members to piss him off and create havoc. But there was none of that, just the man himself playing mostly a bunch of tracks from his new singles compilation that was recently released, with a couple of old tracks peppered in here and there (&quo…

Jonathan Richman at the Local 506 - 10/10/2008

Jonathan Richman
Local 506

I'm still trying to get used to not buying advance tickets for every show I go to. In San Francisco, if the performer had any acclaim at all, it would probably sell out. Outside of some small local bands, I wouldn't even bother going to a show if I didn't already have tickets lined up. But out here in NC, most of the time you can just show up, wait in line, and pay the cover right then and there.

It's generally not an issue, but for this show I found myself a bit worried...someone the stature of Jonathan Richman playing a small place like the 506? Did I need an advance ticket? Is he as popular out here as he is in California? Just to be safe, I got there early and stood around like a jackass staring at an empty stage until he began playing. I'm good at staring blankly out into space waiting for something to happen, I've been doing it my whole life.

There was no opening act, a rarity at most shows but a trend the old crot…

Okkervil River / Crooked Fingers / Black Joe Lewis at The Soapbox - 10/3/2008

Okkervil River
with Crooked Fingers and Black Joe Lewis & the Honey Bears
The Soapbox

It being a Friday night and all, it seemed perfectly reasonable to drive over two hours to Wilmington for a rock concert. It helps when you got a good friend to visit and a free place to stay at his house. Brian has been one of my major partners-in-crime for going on 14 years now, nearly half my life, and a visit with him is just as entertaining as the live music itself.

We got over to the club early, and much to our surprise there was a line of folks waiting to get in...this rarely seems to happen anywhere in NC, much less Wilmington. After some dicking around on the pool and foosball tables, we staggered upstairs to see what the opening act, Black Joe Lewis & the Honey Bears, was all about. I generally don't expect much out of unknown openers, having been let down so many, many times in my life, but the rumor of a horn section had me intrigued. Turns out this band of Austin…