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Wilco / Bon Iver at Koka Booth - 8/8/2008

With Bon Iver
Koka Booth

In our quest to fully ingratiate ourselves into complete suburban yuppiedom, it was decided a trip to see Wilco at the local outdoor amphitheatre was required. Long gone are the days of getting to see Jeff Tweedy and company in small clubs, or even medium-sized ones, so if I want to enjoy their young, crisp dad-rock sound there was no way around submersing ourselves into a sea of pressed J. Crew khakis, boat shoes, and croakies.

To alleviate some of the fear, we bolstered our numbers with a crew of Wilmingtonians who drove up for the festivities. Although greatly outnumbered, if we "circled the wagons" as it were we would last much longer if the former frat boys decided to turn on us for not wearing the requisite puka shell necklaces. Joking aside, the only real threat posed by this gang of boobs was standing around talking about nonsense and distracting from the concert, but I guess that is true of any live event. After a few songs,…