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King Khan & the Shrines at the Local 506 - 6/30/2008

King Khan & the Shrines
Local 506

I've been to a lot of shows, and I'm racking my brain but I think this might have been the first one that involved a cheerleader/dancer as one of the members.

It was a packed show, and I'm not referring to the crowd (though that was healthy in size) - counting King Khan and the pom-pom pal, there were ten band members piled onto the small Local 506 stage. Depending on where you were standing, there were some members you couldn't even see...for me, it was one of the horn blowers and the percussion dude in the back...really, god knows who else they had stuffed on that box.

I placed myself up at the very front so as to take my shitty photos, and soon thereafter most of the crowd crammed in around me. You'd think there was a contest being held on how uncomfortably close you can stand next to the people around you even though there was plenty of room to spread out; this game is sometimes called "drunk asshole", an…

Swervedriver / The Nein at the Cat's Cradle - 6/6/2008

with the Nein
Cat's Cradle
I've thought about this little write-up for a while, not really knowing what to say. Since I've moved back to North Carolina, I've made it out to exactly two shows, and both of them have been “reunion” affairs. I don't know if this says more about me getting old or that more bands are reuniting these days...probably both. It was also a reunion of sorts with some good friends, Brian and Ivan, friends who were influential into turning me onto this band some twelve years ago or so. Now we were three old men going to see the live performance of a band that broke up ten years ago.

You'd never have known it was ten years ago Swervedriver released their last record, based on the show I saw this fine evening. Maybe they never lost it, or maybe they just re-found it since the tour had started out west before it made it's way here; whatever the reason, they were as goddamn tight and powerful as the bulging ass muscle on a…