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Iron & Wine / Holopaw at Great American Music Hall - 4/9/2004

Iron & Wine
with Holopaw
Great American Music Hall

Oh man, what an exciting line-up…two bands I’d be willing to go see about anywhere playing together?  Count me in!  I got there just as Holopaw was taking the stage, and weaseled my way up to the front between all of the scarf kids and old folks.  As expected, they sounded brilliant.  They performed some new songs as well as pretty much their entire self-titled album; I wouldn’t be surprised if they won over some new fans from a crowd that was obviously mostly there for the headliners.  Some may know singer John Orth’s voice from his work on Isaac Brock’s side project Ugly Cassanova, but it is in Holopaw that his vocals really shine.  The new songs, which they played a number of, were just great – I really cannot wait until the album gets released so I can fully immerse myself in the southern gothic sounds they so finely craft.

The headliner of the evening, Iron & Wine, has really seen a giant surge in popularity over the …

Britt Daniel at Hotel Utah - 4/19/2004

Britt Daniel
Hotel Utah

Britt Daniel playing a solo show at the ultra-tiny Hotel Utah? Man-oh-man, I was so there.  The last time I was at this place was a number of years back, not long after I arrived on this side of the country, to see Chris Mills perform for about five people and it was fantastic.  I’d always meant to go back, but rarely do they ever feature shows I’m interested in.  Until recently anyways - the Café du Nord crew has started handling the booking and things are looking up for the Utah, way up.

But on to Britt – it was just him and his guitar (electric, not acoustic), with a mic'd boom box to provide the occasional beat.  I was under the impression that the whole point of this solo mini-tour was so that he could try out some of his new songs on the road, but he only played a couple of unfamiliar tracks.  For the most part it was a “Greatest Hits of Spoon” type of night, where the song selection pretty much mimicked nearly all of the songs I would include o…

Belle & Sebastian / Vetiver at the Warfield - 4/30/2004

Belle & Sebastian
with Vetiver
The Warfield

I was excited for Vetiver when I found out they had landed the opening gig for heavyweights Belle & Sebastian – great local band done well or something along those lines.  The music of these two bands certainly have a similar feel to them on a base level – very mellow, introspective, that sort of business.  I could really imagine them going over well with the B&S crowd, but they seemed to be having nothing of it – a shame really, cause Vetiver sounded great to me, as always.  They were aided on stage by a fourth member known as “Soft Creamy Brick”, who I’m going to assume was Devendra Banhart (but I can’t be for sure since he was wearing a hooded cape/throw rug thing the entire time he was on stage).  

I’ve seen Belle & Sebastian a few times now, so I pretty much knew what to expect – lots of people in the band, string section, Stuart’s dancing, funny banter between songs; and it delivered on all of those measures.  I do…

The Pixies at Freeborn Hall - 4/29/2004

The Pixies
Freeborn Hall

For many, many years I’ve always wished for three reunions – the Clash, the Misfits, and the Pixies.  With Joe Strummer's passing the Clash will never happen; Glenn Danzig is highly unlikely to ever re-join The Misfits unless he gets very hard up for money; and I always thought that the egos involved in The Pixies would forever prevent them from reforming as well.  The sad part about never having seen the Pixies, though, is that they were actually still together when I was first becoming a huge fan, but they never played anywhere near the podunk town I grew up in, and too young to make my way to the far ends of the country to view them in a live setting.

Well, times have changed apparently, egos have lessened, money was (likely) wanted, so the Pixies reformed much to the delight of their ravenous fans.  Unlike most bands, the Pixies fan base seemed to grow stronger and stronger with each passing year that they weren’t around; this was made especiall…

Okkervil River / The Elected at Café du Nord - 4/4/2004

Okkervil River
with The Elected
Café du Nord

After a whole week of shows, going out on a Sunday and missing the Sopranos didn’t seem like the best idea.  But the ticket was bought, and my laziness is only overshadowed by my cheapness and unwillingness to waste something I already paid for.

Well, I couldn’t have been any happier that I actually made it out.  The main reason I was going to this show was to see the first band, Okkervil River.  One of my best friends burned me a copy of their newer CD over Christmas and I was intrigued with their sound.  It didn’t strike me as amazing, but made me interested enough that I wanted to see what it sounded like live.  I think they had just started as I walked into the band room, it was a slower number that had the audience in a hushed awe (a quiet and reverent audience at a mellow show such as this is always a good sign).  The singer for Okkervil River will never be confused for having a great voice, but not unlike Jeff Mangum of Neutral M…

Big Business / Party Time / Moggs at the Li Po Lounge - 4/11/2004

Big Business
with Party Time and Moggs
Li Po Lounge

Moggs are playing!  Oh, how I was excited… since they only play about once every 100 years, and they’ve been working on their album for at least 1000 years, anytime you get a chance to partake of their music you have to jump at the chance.  Not only was it a great outing by them, but probably the longest set I’ve ever seen them play – upwards of 25 minutes long!  They continue down the path of their mostly instrumental, skewed version of Unwound, and I’d just like to let it be known that not enough bands sound like Unwound for my tastes.  Word on the street is Moggs have finished recording their album and just need to master it at this point… write your congressman now and tell him to put the pressure on this amazing duo to finally finish this thing up!  I want to be able to hear them more than once a year, dammit!

To be honest, if anything good came after the Moggs it would just be gravy on an already great show.  Luckily, two …