March 2020 movie update

March 2020 movie update!

I guess if you want to look at the bright side of being trapped at home during the outbreak of a highly infectious disease, you get to watch a lot of movies.  I went nine over the monthly goal for March, and now sit at +14 for the year.  And we weren't even locked down for the entire month of March - god knows what the total might be at the end of April.

Here is the monthly breakdown...

Best of the month (new): Sorry To Bother You (2018)
Best of the month (previously seen): Apocalypse Now (1979)
Worst of the month: The New Gladiators (1984)
Worst of the month (MST3K edition): Sidehackers (1969)
Best stand-up of the month: Marc Maron: End Times Fun (2020)
Worse than it should have been, but better than expected based on the reviews: X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019)
Probably should have been named "Eventually Stoppable" right? Unstoppable (2010)
Good movie, great soundtrack: Vision Quest (1985)
Billy Gibbons - coolest dude ever: ZZTop: That Little Ol’ Band From …

Vacation Report - Disney World

Vacation Report!

Chelsea loves Disney, grew up going to Disney, and really wanted to take Lola to Disney.  I tagged along too. 

Pop Century Resort - where we stayed. 
 lots of oversized pop culture references everywhere.  

Signs you're in Florida.   Magic Kingdom - our first day.  
 Token shot.

I don't think this was a real bear.  Lo got to meet a lot of princesses, like Cinderella... ...And Elena of Avalor.

Animal Kingdom - our second day.  
 The Tree of Life.  
Siamang monkey howling in the treetop.
Expedition Everest, the best rollercoaster I rode the entire trip.
 Abdim stork.
 Taveta golden weaver.

Steve Moore - Frame Dragging EP (Kompakt, 2020)

Steve Moore
Frame Dragging EP

Rating: 8 thrones for sale out of 10

For a simpleton like myself, and also a person who is poorly schooled in the electronic/synth/dance world, it's hard to get past the fact that everything Steve Moore creates sounds like a sequel to Giorgio Moroder's "Midnight Express" soundtrack (and/or John Carpenter's film scores, but it's all kinda the same shit).  The thing is, I'm stoked he is the modern continuation of that sound, because I love that fucking soundtrack and there is absolutely no drop off in quality from Moroder to Moore in my book. 

So, you obviously know what you're getting here with "Frame Dragging" - driving instrumental synth pop that might result in you exceeding the speed limit if you happen to be listening to this in your car.  The title track bangs right out of the gate, and the epic "Gamma Quadrant" feels like a futuristic sunday drive on a real-life Tron light cycle.  His …

Vacation Report - Southern Caribbean Cruise

Vacation Report!

Back in December 2019 before the entire world went into quarantine and vacations were still a thing, the family took a cruise of the southern Caribbean.  Cruises aren't the most exciting vacation in the world, but when you have a four year old they're a way to see a few cool things, stuff yourself silly with mostly mediocre but occasionally good food (depending on your dining location), you get fairly decent bang for your buck...and they're really, really easy.  We left from and returned to San Juan, with stops at Sint Maarten, Saint Kitts, Antigua, St. Lucia, and Barbados.  Below are a few photo highlights...

 The city walls of Old San Juan.  
 Old San Juan.  
 Cat sanctuary in Old San Juan (this was one of dozens roaming the area).
Lola on a hill near Castillo San Felipe del Morro.
 Donald Trump pheasant at bird sanctuary on Sint Maarten.
Bird sanctuary on Sint Maarten.
Chelsea on the top deck of the boat at sunset.
 Brimstone Hill Fortress in the dista…